Published: 2021-02-12

Practical Strategies for Improving Men's Health: Maximizing the Patient-Provider Encounter

James E Leone, Michael J Rovito, PhD, MA, CHES, FMHI, Kimberly A Gray, PhD, MS, ATC, CSCS, CHES, RYT, Ryan Mallo, PhD, DNP, NP-C


Men's Health Promotion in Waiting Rooms: An Observational Study

Michael Whitehead, Harrison Ng Chok, Christina Whitehead, Lauretta Luck


A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Gender-Sensitive Rite of Passage Program for Adolescent Males

Michael Wilson, Kate Gwyther, Ray Swann, Kate Casey, Sophie Keele, Arne Rubinstein, Simon Rice


"Just Shave It Off"

A Thematic Analysis of Men’s Baldness Forums

Glen Jankowski, Nova Deighton-Smith, Beth T Bell


Men’s Baldness Stigma and Body Dissatisfaction

Glen Jankowski, Michael Sherwin, Nova Deighton-Smith