The Australian Male Policy: Unfinished Business

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John Macdonald



This comment on the Australian Male Health Policy draws on the framework suggested by Buse, May and Walt which suggests that insights can be achieved by looking at the content, context, process and actors involved.1 As a preliminary step in such analysis, these three elements are briefly looked at. This allows for acknowledgement of some of the strengths of the policy, not least of all its focus on the social determinants of men’s health, a framework often applied to other subpopulations, but rarely to men. On another positive note, the policy led to the funding of a national men’s health longitudinal study and support for the Men’s Shed movement. I also highlight the benefits of the community consultations which occurred, which allowed men from across the country to express their views on men’s health needs. Mention is made of the Brazilian Men’s Health Policy and the Irish Men’s Health Policy and Action Plan from which lessons could be learned.

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